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About me

Lisa Murray, FIRP CertRP

My first experience with recruitment agencies began when I was 16! I was offered work experience with a leading, City Legal Secretarial Agency. The phones were constantly ringing, with a stream of fantastic candidates breezing in and out throughout the day, it was fast, proactive, rewarding and when I matched my first ever candidate to a job role and they were offered the job, the buzz of this just had me hooked! I am a real pleaser at the best of times and it felt exhilarating, knowing that both my client and candidate were chuffed with the outcome. This was prior to the Internet and mobiles. All I had was a desk, a phone and a golf ball typewriter! (Ouch showing my age now)!

As my career grew and I placed more and more candidates, technology grew even more so. Gone were the candidate boxes with their registration details and in came the computers. I held onto my box of candidates, every one of whom I knew inside and out, for dear life, until I was forced to put them all on a computer screen! I soon appreciated the fantastic benefits that technology had to offer, mobiles, the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, all of which I embraced fully and use to this day.

But gradually over time, I started to notice some changes in the recruitment industry. Whilst the technology was great, the phones became more quiet, there was less noise in the office, the sound of people talking and the buzz of candidates floating in and out seemed to be replaced with the sound of computer keyboards. Somewhere along the way, a little bit of that personal touch seemed to go missing. Hence the launch of Braundton Consulting.

Braundton Consulting is about the people first and foremost, communication, listening, building relationships and whilst all of the mod cons are in place, as you will see from the website, it is about going back to basics, keeping things simple, bringing back vibrancy, personality, honesty and respect for everybody that becomes part of the Braundton Consulting journey. If you want honesty and a brand that delivers, you have come to the right place!